“The Rain Chronicles” [PG] – Book IV

“The Rain Chronicles” [PG] – Book IV

Rain Robinson of ”Future’s End” ends up on Voyager, following her adventures with Tom Paris and Tuvok in late 20th century Earth. Here is Book IV. 



Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would find myself torn by three people. Two women and a man. Sounds almost kinky, but it’s a hell of a lot more serious than that.

Ever since Rain Robinson managed to sneak aboard Voyager, my emotional state has been in turmoil. When I told her that I had never met anyone like her, I had been serious. Serious, but not completely truthful. I have met another like Rain – B’Elanna Torres. Both are vibrant, intelligent and independent women. Both are also very fascinating. At first, the pair seemed to have one major difference. B’Elanna built walls to keep herself emotionally distant from others. Rain didn’t. At least she didn’t, until she boarded Voyager.

Once she found herself stuck aboard ship, Rain became distant. Cool. Especially toward me. Back in Los Angeles, she seemed determined to get to know me. Now, Rain barely acknowledges my presence. I don’t think she wants anything to do with me and I don’t know why! B’Elanna seemed the same as usual. A little distant, yet still friendly. Neither woman seemed interested in romance. And yet, I would gladly accept either of them into my arms.

Where does the man fit into the picture? Well, it’s Harry. Quite simply, he does not like Rain. He did at first. But ever since she had caught him unawares with her less than pristine view of the Federation, he has become increasingly hostile toward her. Poor Harry. His view on life, especially life in the Federation always tended to border on the idyllic. Like so many, he considers Earth . . . (sigh) as Paradise. He has never really been aware of the Federation’s . . . or should I say, humanity’s darker side. And we still have one. I know from experience.

As Harry’s friend, I have always tried to make him aware of life’s dangers and disappointments as gently as possible. Unfortunately, Rain beat me to the punch (in a not so gentle manner). And in one conversation, came close to shattering Harry’s illusions. No wonder he resents her.

Rain’s remarks managed to circulate throughout the ship. Some (including the majority of former Maquis) applauded her realistic viewpoint. Others, mainly a lot of ‘Fleeters, reacted with as much hostility as Harry did. And there were those like the Delaney sisters who merely accepted Rain’s opinions as her own and continued on with their lives. Sensible people.

Did the Captain ever learn about Rain’s comments in the Mess Hall? I don’t know. Before any of us could find out, the Captain and Neelix had left Voyager to set up trade negotiations with a race called the Tik Tak.

* * * * 

RAIN ROBINSON – May 26, 2373:

It did not take Captain Janeway long to learn about my little debate with Harry Kim in the Mess Hall. Who told her? I have no idea. Two days after it happened, she summoned me to her office. What she called her Ready Room. 

After I had entered from the corridor, she indicated the empty chair opposite and smiled. “Sit down, Miss Robinson.” As I did as she asked, her smile remained fixed upon her face. Most would describe it as warm. Not me. I found it almost wolfish. Hey, what can I say? My instincts were practically screaming at me that this lady was pissed. The Captain continued, “Miss Robinson, I understand that you brought up a certain topic in the Mess Hall, some two days ago. Regarding the Maquis.” Her smile lost a touch of warmth.

As calmly as possible, I told her about the discussion between Ensign Kim and me. And how I brought up the Maquis.

She leaned forward – all earnest. “I can understand how the subject might have came up. But you must understand, the subject about the Maquis is very . . . well, very touchy on this ship. At least one-third of the crew are former members of the Maquis, including the First Officer and the Chief Engineer. We’ve spent at least two years trying to forge two factions into one working crew. And I would hate for our efforts to be disrupted by . . . let’s just say careless talk.” Another smile touched her lips.

I stared at her. “Careless?”

Blue-gray eyes hardened. “Let’s be honest, shall we, Miss Robinson? Aside from what you may have read from the computer database, you really have no knowledge on the Maquis. Do you?”

“I guess not.” I paused. “So what are the Maquis about?”

Janeway’s eyes flickered. Perhaps she didn’t expect me to ask that question. A moment later, she quickly recovered her composure. “If you insist, Miss Robinson. About six or seven years ago, the Federation had just ended a costly war with a species called Cardassians. Realizing that peace was the only way to stabilize the quadrant, the Federation and the Cardassians decided upon a cease fire and agreed to begin talks for a treaty.”

She went on to describe the events I had already learned from the ship’s computer. The peace negotiations, Cardassia’s insistence upon settling the matter of sovereignty in the Demilitarized Zone, the Federation’s decision to hand over their DMZ colonies to placate the Cardassians, the colonists’ reaction and the formation of the Maquis. Her explanation nearly matched the entries from the computer – word by word. Must be the Federation mantra.

“May I ask you something?” I said, after the Captain finished.

Janeway gave me a wary look. “Yes?”

“When the . . . uh, Federation decided to hand over those colonies to the Cardassians, did they consider how the colonists would react?” She opened her mouth to speak. Not a word came out. Hell, not even a sound. Right then, I knew. “That’s okay, Captain,” I continued. “You’ve answered my question.”

“No, you don’t understand, Miss Robinson.” What do you know? She has spoken at last! “The Federation had offered to relocate the colonists on other worlds. And they rejected our offer.”

I nodded. “Yeah. I see. Only the colonists didn’t want to move. Okay. I get it.”

“Miss Robinson . . .”

But I didn’t let her finish. “Hey, look Captain. If you’re worried that I’ll go spreading my opinion on the Maquis, don’t be. I’ll just find some other topic to discuss. You know . . . like crime statistics on Earth.” 

A glacial sheen covered Janeway’s eyes. She gave me one of those ‘you’ve overstayed your welcome’ smiles. “This has been quite an . . . interesting conversation, Miss Robinson. That will be all.”

“Yes Captain.” I rose from my chair, gave her a nod and quickly left the room, via the corridor.

So, the Federation had offered to relocate the colonists in the DMZ, huh? Now they seemed like greedy landlords, trying to get rid of inconvenient tenants. As I had promised Janeway, I never brought up the subject again. I really didn’t have a chance. Janeway and Neelix left Voyage for some diplomatic mission.

* * * * 

RAIN ROBINSON – June 6, 2373:

Macroviruses. At least that’s what the holographic doctor called the beings that attacked the ship. I personally named the entire incident as ‘the Attack of the Killer Fleas’. Or mosquitoes. Judging from a brief glimpse of them, they looked more like mosquitoes. 

It had all started when the Doctor went on a mission to respond to a distress call from some mining colony. At least, that’s what he told me. He transported to the colony and found several being suffering from some disease. Both he and the First Officer, Commander Cha-ko-tay had thought sending a hologram would be safer. Well, they were wrong.

Like most insects, these macroviruses became attracted to the light – namely the light from the Doctor’s holoimage. And he brought them back, upon his return to the ship. I had no idea what was going on, until I heard a loud, buzzing noise outside my quarters. I risked a peek outside and spotted something that resembled a giant mosquito, along the corridor. It only took one look and I immediately went back inside and locked the door.

I am happy to report that I managed to remain hidden from these macroviruses. It seemed pretty easy, hiding myself underneath the bed during the entire incident. I don’t know how many hours or days had passed before Captain Janeway and the Doctor managed to destroy the macroviruses. But when the Captain announced “all clear” over the Communications system, it was a hungry and frightened woman who crawled from under her bed. Dammit! Why in the hell did I stowaway on this damn ship? Anyway, the Captain also ordered any crewman still conscious, to report to Sick Bay.

Upon my arrival, the Doctor expressed relief at seeing another being, conscious and walking. He gave me a little medication, by pressing some gray tube he called a hypospray, against my neck. Then the Doctor told me everything about what happened. I don’t think he meant to, but like I said – he was relieved to see someone else, aside from Janeway and some ensign named Wildman, conscious and not infected. And the other two women were no where to be seen.

“They are applying the antivirus to the rest of the crew,” the Doctor explained. He handed me three of these hyprosprays. I stared at him, questioningly. “These are hyposprays. A twenty-fourth century version of a hypodermic needle. Less painful and more hygienic. All of them are filled with the antivirus and I need you to help apply it to some of the crew. Both the Captain and Ensign Wildman are doing the same. Just press the hypospray against the neck, like I did yours. You can start in the Mess Hall.”

With nothing else to do, I agreed to help. The sight that greeted me inside the Mess Hall nearly sickened me. Bodies were strewn everywhere. Bodies plastered with sores, insect bites and some green ooze. However, I came upon another sight that disturbed me even further. I found two of the figures, seated at a table together. Tom and Lieutenant Torres.

What the hell were they doing together? I had heard from Jenny that Tom agreed to serve as the ship’s cook, until Neelix’s return. And Lieutenant Torres was supposed to be in Engineering. How did they end up sharing one of the tables inside the Mess Hall?

It took a lot of effort on my part to squelch the jealousy within me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fight against the despair. It seemed to me that the sight of them together was an obvious sign that I was never meant to be with Tom. Oh well. Might as well accept it.


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