Dropping “THE GOOD WIFE”


I am dropping “THE GOOD WIFE” Here is why:

After watching “Another Ham Sandwich”, I have decided to drop “THE GOOD WIFE”. That last episode and the fans’ reaction to it made my skin crawl.

It was very uncomfortable to watch two African-American female characters being portrayed as the villains of this episode. But what really turned me off was the fans’ reactions. Many of them reacted as if both Wendy Scott-Carr and Dana Lodge were two people who deserved to get their comeuppance. Was the idea of black females in their positions so offensive to them?

Why did they ignore Peter Florrick’s decision to put the investigation in motion? Why did they ignore his confession that estranged wife Alicia Florrick’s affair with Will Gardner led him to green light the investigation? Why did they ignore that Cary Agos probably told Wendy Scott-Carr of his suspicions regarding Alicia’s affair – something he has harbored since Season One? Why did he tell Scott-Carr about his suspicions in the first place? Why did the fans ignore that Alicia’s decision to sleep with Will without even filing for divorce got her into this situation in the first place? Or that she was too gutless to tell her kids about her affair with Will?

Instead, the fans gloated over Scott-Carr’s defeat inside the courtroom and Dana’s realization that she had been played by investigator Kalinda Sharma with a relish that bordered on exaggeration. Why did they do that? Did racism and a little sexism played parts in their reactions? I suspect so. And why did Robert and Michelle King portrayed both Scott-Carr and Dana in such a negative light?

I am simply too disgusted to continue watching this series.

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