“Revelations” [PG-13] – 2/4




*AUTHOR’S NOTES: All flashback scenes are from actual CHARMED Season 4 scripts that I had found on the CHARMED SCRIPTS site*

Inside the Top of the Mark Restaurant, at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, Cecile and her two dinner companions finished the last of their meals. Cole pushed back his plate, while Olivia drained the last of her white wine. A waiter immediately materialized next to their table and asked if any of them would like to order dessert.

As much as a sweet dish sounded appealing, Cecile realized that she could not eat another bite. Besides, Olivia’s cheesecake awaited them back at the latter’s apartment. She noticed that both Cole and Olivia had also rejected the waiter’s offer. Instead, all three ordered a cup of coffee.

The waiter walked away. Olivia heaved a groan. “God! I think I’ve drank one two many glasses of wine.” She stood up. So did Cole. “I’ll be right back.” She headed toward the Ladies’ Restroom.

“Well,” Cole said, after Olivia walked away, “looks like it’s just the two of us.”

Cecile smiled. “You know, I just realized that in the two weeks or so I’ve been here, this is the first time we’ve been alone. Together.”

“Well, I don’t want to give Andre a reason to be jealous,” Cole joked lightly. He referred to Cecile’s boyfriend and a close friend of his for the past ten years.

Eyeing him shrewdly, Cecile shot back, “Or maybe you’re afraid to find out what I really think about you.”

“And what exactly do you think?”

Cecile shrugged. “I don’t know. You seem okay. It’s obvious that you care for Olivia, a lot.”

“As a friend,” Cole quickly pointed out. “A close friend.”

A knowing smile curved Cecile’s lips. If only he knew. Instead, she replied, “If you say so. Although I don’t recall asking.”

“I . . .” Cole shook his head. “Never mind.”

Cecile added, “I’m curious about one thing. What you had told Leon earlier, today. About what you went through, this year. Is it true?”

“Perhaps my account of the events were a little . . . well, exaggerated,” Cole replied. “But yeah, it was true.”


Cole sighed. “Actually, a lot of what happened was my fault.”

“How?” Cecile insisted.

The half-demon admitted that his decision to use the Hollow – the source of all magic, had led to the disastrous event that unfolded last spring. If he had not used the Hollow to absorb the Source’s powers and save the Charmed Ones, he would not given the Source the opportunity to possess him. “And perhaps,” he added, “I should have put up more of a fight against his influence.”

Cecile stared at her handsome companion. “Cherie, what makes you think you could have easily fought off this Source? Hell, it’s damn near impossible to fight off possession of any spirit, evil or otherwise. Trust me, I know from experience.”

“All I know is that the whole thing had cost me my marriage and Phoebe’s good opinion.”

Shaking her head, Cecile continued, “And that didn’t piss you off? You certainly seemed pissed at Leon . . .”


“Sorry, Leo. You were certainly mad at him.”

Cole replied, “Yeah, well I was pissed. I still am.”

“Well, let it out, for God’s sake! Don’t let it fester inside you! You’re just building up a lot of anger and resentment. Talk to whatshername – Phoebe, about how you feel. Maybe you two need to talk and get this thing behind you.”

An increasingly moody-looking Cole retorted, “She won’t talk to me! Let alone listen to me. None of them will. At first, I didn’t bother to deny it was my entire fault. I figured that Phoebe wouldn’t believe me, anyway. So, I tried to win her back and prove that I have some good in me.” His demeanor became less hostile. “But it didn’t work.”

Cecile took a sip of water. “Well then, maybe you should just stay away from them. Sounds like Phoebe and her family aren’t worth the trouble, if they’re going to be like that.”

“Now where have I heard that before?” Cole murmured sarcastically. “Oh yeah. Olivia’s father.”

“Well, he’s right. If they can’t handle or deal with what had happened, it’s their problem. It’s not yours, any longer. From what Olivia has told me, they keep insisting that you’re pure evil. Well, the next time they do, tell ’em to kiss your ass!”

A regretful look appeared on Cole’s face. “They’re not far from the truth. Didn’t Olivia tell you about Ed Miller?”

Cecile nodded. “Yeah. Did she ever tell you about Emile Mornay?”


Painful memories of Cecile’s past reared its ugly head. She told Cole about Emile Mornay, a New Orleans trafficker in prostitution and white slavery. He had sold her younger cousin to a whorehouse in New Orleans. Cousin Leonora had tried to escape and ended up dead. Strangled by Mornay. Cecile and Andre tracked Mornay to a warehouse, just upriver from the Crescent City. There, Cecile came close to killing the man in cold blood.

“But at least you stopped,” Cole said. “You didn’t kill him.”

Cecile leaned forward and stared directly into Cole’s eyes. “You want to know why I didn’t kill him? Because Andre had stopped me. If he hadn’t, I would have killed Mornay without any remorse. I guess that deep down; we’re really not that different. Magical or not.”

Olivia’s return ended the serious mood between the other two. The red-haired witch frowned. “What’s with you two?” she asked, as she sat down. “You both look so earnest, it’s sickening.”

A pause followed before Cole answered, “It’s nothing. Just talking about mistakes from the past.”

“Sounds depressing.” Olivia glanced around the restaurant’s dining room. “Where’s the waiter with our coffee? Hasn’t he showed up, yet?” She continued to complain, while Cecile and Cole shared understanding smiles.

* * * *

The idea came to Paige in the middle of the night. She shot up into a sitting position, and her eyes popped open. Of course! Cecile Dubois!

Paige had wracked her brain all evening long, trying to think of someone with psychic abilities, who could help her. Help her find out what really happened to Cole, last spring. There was Elise McNeill, but the old lady was still in Palm Beach, visiting a relative. Harry McNeill, like his grandmother, was also a telepath. But also like her, he did not receive visions of the future . . . or the past. And a small part of Paige did not really trust either telepath’s ability to get past the psyche of someone as powerful as Cole. That only left Cecile Dubois.

Not only was the Vodoun priestess a powerful telepath, but also like Phoebe, she received premonitions. Paige switched on the lamp, next to her bed and glanced at her clock. One forty-seven in the morning. Dammit! It was much too early to call anyone. She would simply have to wait another six or seven hours to contact Cecile. Unfortunately, she did not feel sleepy.

The youngest Charmed One remained awake all night long. She then spent the early morning hours contemplating on words she could use to convince Cecile Dubois to help her. By the time her small clock read seven, Paige bounded out of bed, grabbed her robe – it was December, after all – and rushed downstairs.

Paige ignored the voices that permeated from the kitchen, as she snatched up the telephone. Service to her cell telephone had ceased, due to her failure to pay the latest bill. As Paige began to dial, it struck her. She did not know Olivia McNeill’s phone number. Paige marched into the kitchen, where she found Piper and Phoebe in the middle of a conversation.

“. . . that every time I meet someone new, you always dismiss him?” Phoebe was saying. Then she and Piper became aware of Paige. “Oh, you’re up,” Phoebe remarked to the younger woman. Her cool manner told Paige that she had not forgotten their conversation from yesterday.

Paige smiled nervously. “Hey, morning everyone. Uh, does anyone know Olivia McNeill’s phone number?”

The two older women stared at her with surprise. A slight frown creased Piper’s forehead. “Why do you want Olivia’s number?”

“That’s a pretty good question,” Phoebe added with a touch of suspicion.

After a brief hesitation, Paige replied, “Actually, I wanted to speak with her friend. Cecile Whatshername. I uh . . . I have a few questions about . . . you know.”

“No we don’t,” Piper said.

Paige murmured the next word. “Voo . . . I mean, Vodoun.”

Piper’s brows formed arches. “Oh. You’ve really become interested in that, haven’t you?”

“Well, being attacked by a Vodoun sorcerer inside Darryl’s body is pretty hard to forget.” A nervous cough escaped her mouth. “Um, about that phone number?”

“Right.” Piper walked over to the kitchen’s message board on the wall. She removed a small card. “Olivia gave us this when we first met her. Here you go.” She handed the card to Paige.

Who took the card from Piper and slipped it inside her robe’s pocket. “Thanks Piper,” Paige quickly murmured and fled the kitchen.

To ensure privacy, Paige returned to the living room’s telephone and dialed Olivia’s home number. Three rings echoed in her ear before a voice finally answered, “Hello?”

“Hi Olivia. This is Paige. Paige Matthews.” The youngest Charmed One glanced toward the direction of the kitchen to make sure that her sisters were not eavesdropping. “Uh, is Cecile available?”

A long pause followed. Then, “Paige? Did you just say that you wanted to speak to . . .?”

“Yeah, Cecile. It’s . . . it’s important.”

Olivia McNeill sighed. “You’re in luck. She’s already up. Hold on a minute. Cecile?”

More silence greeted Paige’s ear, until she heard the New Orleans-born woman’s voice on the other end of the telephone line. “Hello?” Cecile sounded slightly groggy.

“Hi Cecile! It’s me, Paige Matthews!” Did she just sound too chipper? Paige continued in a more serene voice. “Remember me? I’m Piper and Phoebe Halliwell’s . . .”

The voice on the other end of the line interrupted, “Oh yeah. I remember. The one with the red hair.” Paige self-consciously touched a strand. Cecile continued, “What can I do for you?”

“Uh, can I come by to see you, today?” Paige asked. “Maybe this morning? Around nine o’clock?”

No one answered. Paige wondered if Cecile was pissed at being awoken so early in the morning. Then, “Did you say something about seeing me?”

Paige heaved a sigh of relief. “Yeah. Around nine, today.”

“Why don’t we make it a little later? I have some extra shopping to do, this morning. Why don’t you meet me, downtown? At Union Square, around eleven-thirty?”

Here came the tricky part. “Actually, I need to see you there. At Olivia’s place. It’s really important.”

Cecile sighed. “All right. I’ll still be at the apartment around nine.” She sounded angry, but resigned.

“Great! See you then. Bye!” Paige crowed, and hung up. At least before the other woman had the chance to change her mind.

* * * *

At precisely nine o’clock, Cecile heard the doorbell ring. Olivia had already left for work. She could not fathom why the youngest Charmed One had insisted upon meeting here, in the apartment. And why so early in the morning? Cecile began to wonder if being a Charmed One meant possessing eccentric behavior. She glanced through the door’s peephole. Sure enough, it was Paige Matthews. With a sigh on her lips, Cecile opened the door.

“Hi!” Paige greeted brightly. “Thanks for seeing me.” Despite her cheerful façade, Cecile detected nervousness in the younger woman’s demeanor.

Cecile smiled back. “You’re welcome. So . . . why is it so important that we meet here? And at this hour?”

Paige took a deep breath. “It’s about your powers. Especially your premonition power. I’d like to use them, if I can.”

Cecile stared at the younger woman. A glimmering suspicion began to form in the back of her mind. “May I ask why?” she said sarcastically.

A red flush colored Paige’s pale face. “I . . . It’s hard to explain. I guess you know about Cole once being the Source, nearly a year ago. And that my sisters and I had to vanquish him when we thought he had deliberately chosen to become evil again.”

Now Cecile understood. Her suspicion had been right. For some reason, the young witch had developed doubts over what really happened to Cole, last spring. And she wanted to use Cecile’s premonition power to find the truth. “In other words, you want to find out if you and your sisters were right about Cole,” she added. “Why didn’t you ask your sister? The one who’s psychic, like me?”

Paige hesitated. Embarrassment deepened the flush on her face. “Phoebe . . . it’s a little too personal for her. Especially since she and Cole . . .”

Cecile sighed. “I understand. What about Harry? I’m sure that he’s capable of reading Cole’s mind.” She paused. “In fact, isn’t that what happened when Olivia’s grandmother . . .” Paige’s thoughts flashed in Cecile’s mind and she immediately understood. “Oh, I see. You want to make sure that Cole had or had not manipulated their minds with phony memories.”

The Charmed One’s dark eyes cast downward. “Um, do you mind? I’m a little uncomfortable with you reading my mind, like that.”

“Oh. Sorry, honey, but you were practically broadcasting your thoughts. And as for your favor,” Cecile continued, “I’ll do what you asked.”

Paige smiled. “Great! Let’s go.” Before Cecile could do or say anything, the young witch grabbed her arm and within seconds, they were standing in the middle of Cole’s penthouse.

“What the hell?” Cecile cried. “What in the hell are we doing here?”

Breathless, Paige rushed toward Cole’s personal desk. “I figured that you might need something of his to summon a vision.” She paused and glanced over her shoulder. “You can summon one from the past, right? Phoebe always seemed to have trouble deliberately forming a vision.”

“Yeah, I can summon one, using a spell,” Cecile said, frowning. “And why would I need something of Cole’s?”

Now it was Paige’s turn to frown. “Well, you have to touch something to get a vision. Right?”

“Wrong,” Cecile shot back. “I don’t need to touch anything.” She sighed. “But, since we’re here . . .”

Paige clapped her hands enthusiastically. “Right! So, what do we do?”

Cecile smiled. “One, take me back to Olivia’s apartment. I need a few things for the ceremony I have in mind.” Paige gently took hold of her arm and orbed the priestess back downstairs. After Cecile grabbed a candle and a few other objects for her makeshift mantle, the pair returned to the penthouse. Once she created her small altar on the large table in front of the sofa, Paige lit the candle. “Okay. Let’s begin.” Cecile closed her eyes. As she began to chant, her body began to sway, back and forth. Cool, slender hands gripped hers. Cecile opened her eyes. “What are you doing?” she demanded.

“Holding you so that you can transfer the vision to me,” Paige answered matter-of-factly.

Suppressing a sigh, Cecile gently removed the younger woman’s hand. “Cherie, it’s not necessary.”

“Oh.” Paige cleared her throat.

Once more, Cecile closed her eyes and resumed the chant. Seconds passed. Then minutes. After fifteen minutes, Cecile began to wonder if the ceremony might end in failure. Once she pushed her thoughts aside, she resumed the chant. Several minutes later, the visions suddenly hit her.

* * * *

Paige had never felt anything like this, before. It seemed as if a surge of energy had struck the center of her psyche. The visions followed, one after the other. And Paige found herself witnessing all that Cole had experienced, earlier this year. In full color and sound.

* * *

[Cole appears in the Source’s cave. He looks around.]
Seer: Don’t be afraid. (He spins around. The Seer walks in.)
Cole: Who are you? Where am I?
Seer: Back in your once and future life… Belthazor.
Cole: Belthazor? (The Seer moves closer.) Seer.
Seer: Even now I can see the void where your demon half used to exist. It craves to be complete again.
Cole: How’d you know I was still alive?
Seer: I had a vision. One where you and I do great things together.
Cole: I don’t work with evil anymore.
Seer: You might reconsider if you hope to save your precious witch. Only you and I can help to beat the Source.
Cole: I’m listening.
Seer: If you take in the Hollow, you can absorb the Source’s power when he attacks. Once powerless, they can vanquish him.
(She picks up the Hollow box.)
Cole: And what happens to me after?
Seer: The witches and I will banish the Hollow back to its crypt. You will return to normal.
Cole: How do I know this isn’t one of The Source’s tricks? Or one of yours for that matter?
Seer: The Source has been corrupted by the Hollow. And is going to destroy us all. He cannot be allowed to continue with this path of madness.
Cole: If I do this, what do you see then?
Seer: A future for both sides.

* * *

Scene: Underworld. A dark cave. Cole walks in, topless, holding a sword. He looks around. He sees the Source across the room, chanting with his back turned. Cole creeps towards him and is about to swing the sword.]
The Source: Wait.
(The Source faces Cole and lifts off his hood. It’s Cole.)
Cole/The Source: You don’t really wanna kill me do you?
Cole: But how…
(Cole/The Source hits Cole and he lands on the ground. The sword flies up to Cole/The Source.)
Cole/The Source: We’re one now. I’m reborn, within you.
Cole: I’ll fight it. I’ll kill us both if I have to. I won’t let you hurt Phoebe.
Cole/The Source: You won’t have a choice.
(He stabs Cole and he screams.)

* * *

Cole: How did I get here?
Seer: The Source’s magic brought you. I see you accepting that very soon.
(Cole goes over and grabs her around the neck.)
Cole: You never told me I would become the Source if I help vanquish him!
Seer: Don’t be naive. I told you of my vision. Of you and I doing great things together, this is just the beginning. (He falls to his knees.) You cannot change your fate. As you can see the evil within you wont allow it.
Cole: I’ll fight it, I’ll kill it. I’ll find a way.

* * *

Cole: I just got back.
Phoebe: From where?
Cole: I had to, uh, get out of the house for a while, you know.
Phoebe: No, I don’t know. Do we need to talk?
Cole: Phoebe, I… Ahh! (He holds his head.) Damn it!
Phoebe: What’s the matter?
(She touches him but he pulls away.)
Cole: Uh, nothing. It’s just a migraine, I gotta go.
Phoebe: Cole, where are you… (He walks away.) Cole

* * *

Seer: Holy matrimony will be the worst possible thing that could happen. It’ll keep you from ever reigning as the Source.
Cole/The Source: That can’t be right.
Seer: It’s what I foresee. Unless of course you cancel the wedding.
Cole/The Source: I can’t. I need Phoebe.
Seer: Yes, I can see that too.
Cole/The Source: We’ve been through this. Cole’s love for Phoebe still exists within me. I can’t overcome it. If I’m to regain what I’ve lost it has to be with Phoebe, marrying her.
Seer: Even if it means losing your son?
Cole/The Source: A son? You saw a son in my future?
Seer: More than a son. You and Phoebe Halliwell will produce the most powerful child the magical world has ever seen.
Cole/The Source: That’s my boy.
Seer: No, he won’t be your boy, he’ll be theirs. On the side of good. Unless you marry the witch in a dark way.

* * *

Seer: Why would you save Paige after everything you do to destroy her?
Cole/The Source: They would’ve found a way to save her anyway. This way I get the credit.
Seer: Did you do it for credit? Or love? I supposed there’s some things even the Source can’t defeat.
Cole/The Source: Careful.
Seer: I am, but are you? We have worked too hard to let a nugget of humanity destroy a legacy of evil.
Cole/The Source: Paige has no memory. She’s not a threat to us anymore.
Seer: I’m not talking about her, I’m talking about Cole. His is the one threat neither one of us can control. He saved Paige not you.

* * *

Cole: How much longer?
Wizard: Give me a break, will you, this is tricky stuff. It’d be a lot easier if I could do this in friendlier confines.
Cole: There are no friendly confines, not anymore. This had better work or you’ll be joining the rest of your kind and not in the way you hoped for.
Wizard: Little tip. Pressure’s not the best motivating technique. If you wanna lose the Source’s powers, don’t rush me.
Cole: Fine, but just so we’re clear, once you get the Source’s powers I never hear from you again.
Wizard: Understood. Not that I’m ungrateful, but why are you so willing to do this?
(He places some lit candles on the floor.)
Cole: I lost someone I love and I want her back. That’s all you need to know.
Wizard: Love? The Source can love.
Cole: Just keep working.
Wizard: I’m done. Now, if the spell’s going to work, blood needs to spill. (He picks up a dagger and Cole holds out his arm. He cuts Cole’s arm.) Now me. (He cuts his own. Smoke starts to rise from the Grimoir.) “Holus into exitus omne. Holus into exitus omne. Holus into exitus omne! Holus into exitus omne.”
(The both rise into the air and they start to glow. The wizard extends his arm and starts to pull the Source out of Cole. The Seer and Phoebe appear.)
Seer: Save him. For your son.
(Phoebe throws fire and vanquishes the wizard. Cole falls to the floor and Phoebe rushes over to him.)

* * *

Cole/The Source: (to Phoebe) I’m sorry, it’s, it’s for the best.
Phoebe: I know it is.
(She walks over to Cole and the fireball disappears. Phoebe kisses him.)
Piper: Phoebe?
(Phoebe moves away from Cole.)
Phoebe: I’m sorry too.
(She places the crystal in its place and the trap is activated.)
Cole/The Source: Phoebe, no. No!
Phoebe: I’m sorry, baby, I’m so sorry.
Piper: “Prudence, Penelope, Patricia, Melinda…”
(Fire appears near Cole’s feet.)
Phoebe: “Ashford, Helen, Laura and Grace…”
Cole/The Source: I will always love you.
Paige: “Halliwell witches stand strong beside us.”
Phoebe: “Vanquish this evil…”
Piper, Phoebe, Paige: “From time and space.”
(They vanquish Cole and it makes a huge explosion, making the windows smash. Phoebe walks to the middle of the room and cries.)

* * *

The visions ended as quickly as they had began. Paige let out a gasp, and fell back upon the sofa, unconscious.

* * * *

The Vodoun priestess was the first to recover. Breathing deeply, she opened her eyes and found herself sprawled on the sofa. Then she spotted Paige sprawled next to her, out cold. Using her hands and arms, she raised herself to a sitting position. Cecile leaned over the younger woman. “Paige. Paige!” she cried, shaking the witch’s shoulder. “Paige, wake up! Are you okay?”

Dark eyes fluttered open. Paige let out a groan. “Oh God! I think I’m going to have one hell of a headache. What happened?”

“I guess you’re not exactly used to experiencing visions or anything like that,” Cecile calmly replied. “And those visions were strong. Even for me.” She paused and stared at the other woman. Contemplating over what she had just witnessed. “So, I guess it’s true. Cole and Olivia were right, after all.”

Paige stared at Cecile. Her dark eyes widened in realization over what Cecile had just said. “I . . .” Her voice broke off, as she shook her head, silently. “I don’t understand.”

Cecile stood up. “You don’t understand what?” She stared into Paige’s distressed eyes. “What exactly were you about to say?”

“I didn’t know,” Paige whispered. “I didn’t realize that he . . . that Cole had been possessed. We all just . . .”

Nodding glumly, Cecile finished, “You all had assumed that he chose to become the Source.” She paused. “Because of his past.”

Eyes suddenly blazing, Paige retorted, “Can you blame us? Before we had killed the old Source, we saw Cole use his powers against him!”

Cecile sighed. “Look honey, I’m not going to argue with you about this. This is something that you need to speak to another witch about. Or your whitelighter.” She blew out the candle’s flame. “But in the end, you and Cole need to have a long talk.”

The anger dissipated from Paige’s eyes. She sank back into the sofa and stared at nothing in particular.


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