Best Moment in Each Bond Film



What do you consider to be the best moment in each James Bond film? I had discovered this question on a Bond forum and decided to ask it on my blog. Below is a list of my choices. What are yours?

DR. NO – Professor Dent’s death

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE – Grant reveals SPECTRE’s plot to Bond (although I do find it to be a little illogical)

GOLDFINGER – Bond’s discovery of Jill Masterson’s body

THUNDERBALL – Fiona gets the drop on Bond

YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE – Tiger Tanaka and his ninjas attack Blofeld’s volcano

ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE – Bond’s escape from Piz Gloria

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER – Bond/Peter Franks fight in Tiffany’s apartment building

LIVE AND LET DIE – Boat chase through the bayou

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN – Bond and Goodnight have lunch with Scaramanga

THE SPY WHO LOVED ME – Anya discovers that Bond had killed her lover

MOONRAKER – Bond saves Manuela from Jaws


FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – death of Emile Locque

OCTOPUSSY – Bond/Orlov confrontation at East German railyard

A VIEW TO A KILL – Zorin’s men attempt to kill Bond on racetrack

THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS – Mujardeen attack on Soviet airbase/Bond confronts Pushkin

LICENSE TO KILL – Fight at Barrelhouse bar

GOLDENEYE – Bond and Natalya escape from General Ourumov

TOMORROW NEVER DIES – Bond/Dr. Kauffman confrontation

THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH – Bond confronts Elektra about possible connection to Renard

DIE ANOTHER DAY – Bond and Jinx raise havoc at Cuban clinic

CASINO ROYALE – Stairwell fight/Torture sequence

QUANTUM OF SOLACE – Aerial dogfight over the Bolivian countryside


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